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Professional hearing tests in York

Has it been some time since you had your hearing checked? Contact Yorkshire Hearing Care Ltd for high-quality hearing assessments.

Extensively assessing your needs

Losing your sense of hearing, no matter how slightly, can be incredibly disorientating and distressing if it's something you're not accustomed to. It may be nothing more than built up wax, however it's wise to have your hearing checked by the professionals here at Yorkshire Hearing Care Ltd to make sure everything's running as it should be.

Whether it's sudden hearing loss, pain within your inner ear or a gradual, ongoing pain that you've been noticing for some time, at Yorkshire Hearing Care Ltd, we're here to offer you one-to-one support and find the correct solution for you.
Hearing aids
hearing aid

The hearing test

There's nothing to be worried about when coming for your hearing test at Yorkshire Hearing Care Ltd. The test is a non-invasive series of checks to determine the cause of any hearing loss you may be suffering from.
Once we've determined a cause we'll offer a swift and effective course of action, whether that's cleaning the ear or offering hearing aid support.
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Booking your hearing test

There are a few very simple methods you can use to book your test. You can book with us online. Choose a day, then morning or afternoon and we'll call you with a convenient time. Please feel free to call our team directly if you wish.
Using the online booking form, we cannot guarantee a specific time slot or day, but we will try and find you the most convenient time based on your chosen preferences. Book now.
You don't even have to leave your home to receive an assessment. We will happily come to your house to assess your needs. Contact our professional team for more details.

Yorkshire Hearing Care Ltd delivers hearing tests and assessments in York. For more details, call us on 

01904 700 708

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